Explosion Proof Cranes & Hoists

Explosion proof cranes and hoists
5t Swl Explosion proof Electric Wire Rope hoist in use on LNG Plant .

Italkrane overhead cranes and hoists are available in explosion proof execution for a variety of hazardous environments.

A cross section of the modular construction Italkrane explosion proof wire rope hoist unit is detailed below.

Explosion proof wire rope hoist cross section

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Classification of hazardous areas

Explosion risk or hazardous areas are classified as follows:

  • According to the frequency of which an explosion risk situation can occur in the hazardous area
  • The danger of the gases or media present in the surrounding area in terms of how low a temperature at which the gas or media will ignite and the volatility of the gas or media present

A full explanation of hazardous area classification is contained within our downloads section.


EExd enclosures

EExd enclosures

Italkrane Srl utilise EExd enclosures in the manufacture of their cranes and hoists for hazardous areas.  An EExd electrical enclosure, guarantees that the enclosure can support an internal explosion and only allows cold gases to pass to the atmosphere and thus avoiding the possibility of an explosion in the external surrounding areas.

Italkrane cranes and hoists are available for areas classified up to Zone 1 EExd IIC T3 or Zone 1 EExd IIB T5.