Crane Kits & Components

Crane Kits and Components
Travelling limit switch - EX version.

As well as complete overhead cranes and hoists Italkrane can provide a range of explosion proof components as shown below along with both standard and explosion proof crane kits comprising the following:

Hoist and trolley/crab unit

End carriage wheel blocks

End carriage drive motor and gearbox

Main control panel

Power and control festoon supply system

Control pendant

Travel limit switches


Typical components available

Lifting Limit Switch
Lifting limit switch - EX version.
Mains switch - EX version
Mains switch - EX version.
Electromagnetic disk brake - EX version
Electromagnetic disk brake - EX version.
EX enclosure for electric panel
EX enclosure for electric panel.
Bell acoustic alarm - EX version
Bell acoustic alarm - EX version.
Antispark load limiting device for rope application
Antispark load limiting device for rope application.
Antispark travelling unit with motoreducer
Antispark wheelblock with motor gearbox.
Control push-button panel - EX version
Control push-button panel - EX version.